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I offer a 10% discount to Military Personal, and Military family members. But I do require a Military ID to give the 10% discount.

Payment Options

Cash and checks are at shows only. You must present a valid ID with checks.

Same for Credit Cards and Debit Cards, I must have ID when I take them at shows.

Money Orders are best when paying you payment plans, If not doing it by credit or debit.

For Payment plans, I will work with you. Because I feel everyone should have a right to afford things they want.

Custom Creations, while I take payment plans, I charge a NON-refundable down payment, and once I have that, I will start as soon as possible on your item.


I ship on Mondays and Fridays.

All Jewelry is bagged, then shipped in a padded envelope. I will combine items for cheaper shipping.

Also if it is a gift I can also include a quick note, with a happy birthday, happy mother's day, Ect.

Breakable items are shipped in boxes. They cannot be combined in shipping. I bubble wrap the items, then fill in the empty space with news paper. for Mugs i wrap the handles and pack the space between the mug and inside of the handle to keep it from breaking. I try and take every precaution to keep things from breaking, But it can happen.

Please contact me if there is a problem with your item.

Chainmaile Policy

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Costume Policy

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Artwork Policy

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