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The People Behind the Caravan

Here at the Camel Caravan, the Artist and Chainmailer is the young, Zenon Morgan. While the main seamstress is her mother, Myra Morgan. This venture was started up to allow Zenon a way to let her creative side flourish, while providing for her small children. Then it turned into a way for her mother to supplement her nursing income.

Everything is crafted in their home studio with love, sweat, tears, and sometimes a little bit of blood. Every product is inspected and held to a very high standard. If we are not happy, it is not sent out till it meets our standard. 

We are happy to talk to our customers as we believe in the personal touch of customer service. Believing that a happy customer is a returning customer. As they say the best advertisement is word of mouth.

Why Are Y'all called that?

Most of the time, when people meet me, they ask me why are you called Z Camel Lady Caravan?

Mainly because I am a blue eyed white girl, or at least that's what I assume.


Well most of the time I am known as Zenon or more commonly Z.


But the whole Camel obsession I have stems from something else. My mom was engaged to a man from Kuwait. Sadly before we could join him in Kuwait he passed away on the operating table. But while he was here, and while he was over in Kuwait told me he was going to have me a herd of camels when I came to Kuwait. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love animals, so when he passed (a while after) I started to collect camels, I now own 168 different camel items. So naturally I figured I should name my company after something very meaningful to me. So the Caravan started out on its grand adventures.