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Head Shot: 10$ Example

Torso: 15$ Example

Full Body: 20$ Example

Add Character: 5$-15$

Add Flat Color: 5$-10$

Add Full Color: 10$-15$

Flat Color

Head Shot: 20$

Torso: 25$

Full Body: 30$ 

Add Character: 10-15

Add Simple BG: 10$

Add Small BG: 15$

Add Large BG: 20$

Full Color

Head Shot: 30$

Torso: 40$

Full Body: 50$

Add Character: 20-30$

Add Simple BG: 20$

Add Small BG: 25$

Add Large BG: 30$


Head shots: 20$

Torso: 25$

Full Body: 30$ 

Character Reference Sheets

Single View: 25$

Front & Back View: 45$

Add Clothing*: 10-15$

Add Private Bits: 2$

Add Expressions: 5$

Add Hair Styles*: 5$

Add Close Ups: 1$

Single View includes: Front view, and a choice of 3 Expressions, outfit, 3 close ups, or 2 close ups &private bits.

Front & Back includes: Front and back view and 5 add on slots. **

*It will be done in a paper doll fashion, it will fit the shape of your character, but will be to the side, letting your character be fully seen. If you request a single view, I can and will put the clothing/hair on your character.

**Outfit takes up 2 slots.