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Not Protective

Z Camel Lady Caravan make no guarantees about the protective abilities of our products. They are reproduction pieces(Costume Pieces), and as such no guarantee of their level of protection against such items as (but not limited to) knives, swords, clubs, batons, spears, spikes, acid, flamethrowers, guns, axes, Thermonuclear detonation, motorcycle accidents, chainsaws, shrapnel, Rocket Launchers, etc. will be made. The buyer agrees that should they engage in activities that directly expose them to such materials, conditions, or states, Z Camel Lady Caravan will not be liable in any way for the resulting action, as our products are not intended for personal protection. Including but not limited to, Burns, bullet wounds, cuts, bruises, and or death.

I know Scary disclaimer is scary. But you have no clue how many times I have had some one pick up a chainmaile piece and tell their friends, "You know this stuff is bullet proof!" So its really just to cover myself.

Chainmaile Bikini Tops

My Bikini tops come leather lined once the final fitting has been done. It may be possible to see flesh through the cups, so by removing the leather you understand that any and all charges caused by this are in no way my responsibility.

If you are under the age of 18 at the time of purchase, you must have one of your parents present at the time of purchase to sign and have their ID photographed with the signed Parental Consent Form.

Metal Allergies

Please understand, if you do not warn me a head of time of your know metal allergies, I cannot be held responsible for any outbreaks that happen. Granted I normally ask, and label my products with the metals contained in them.


I will fix any problems, sometimes it will cost, sometimes it wont. This is done on a quote by quote basis.  For those in military service, I offer free repair on my chainmaile, and half of what I would charge for another chainmailer's chainmaile. Please have your military ID for proof.